Study for 'The Three Ages' triptych: Reason, Wisdom and Love [unfinished project] (1936-1938)

In his final years, under the growing menace of another war, Mucha launched a new ambitious project: the triptych, The Age of Reason, The Age of Wisdom and The Age of Love, which was intended to be a monument for all mankind.

The themes addressed in Three Ages triptych - reason, wisdom and love - were for Mucha the fundamental building blocks of mankind. According to his notes, he considered reason and love to be two extremes that could only be united through wisdom.

In preparation for what would be his last series, Mucha filled a great many sketchbooks with minute details for each of the three compositions. He worked up full monochromatic designs for each of the panels in pencil and watercolour, but was sadly unable to complete the triptych as a result of his failing health.