A square box seen from the side with a blond woman with poppies in her hair in a red circular form with the words 'Lefèvre-Utile Gaufrettes Vanille' on one side, and a picture of the LU factory in black and white on one of the other sides.

Packaging Design (6 works)

Packaging for 'Savon Mucha Violette' (1906)

In 1906, during his third stay in the United States, Mucha was commissioned to design soap boxes for Armour & Co in Chicago. The soap was named ‘Savon Mucha’, making him the first ‘celebrity artist’ to become the brand name of a household product.

The folding-screen-shaped panel was used in shops as a point of sale display and features the four fragrances of the soap - violet, lilac, heliotrope and sandalwood - personified by a beautiful woman in each panel.