Eternal Mucha at The Grand Palais Immersif

This immersive and interactive exhibition uses the most advanced projection technologies within captivating scenography in order to offer visitors a unique experience of Mucha’s work and influences. The olfactory dimension of the exhibition is accentuated by the olfactory world created by TechnicoFlor, thereby calling on all the visitor’s senses. An original musical creation, unique to GPI, has been composed specially for the exhibition by Studio Radio France. Benoît de Villeneuve and Benjamin Morando have created a contemporary score, which features citations of works by composers from Mucha’s time.

At the turn of the 20th century, Alphonse Mucha was one of the most famous artists in Europe. A key figure of Art Nouveau and the inventor of an original style of graphic art, his work combined female beauty and stylised nature with a resolutely innovative composition and typography. The “Mucha style” has been a source of fascination ever since it was created and was applied to a variety of artworks and objects that adorned art lovers’ homes around the world at the time.

The exhibition tells visitors the story of Alphonse Mucha and his humanist ambition in three acts: as a master of the poster in Paris; at a turning point in his career in 1900, which he was heavily involved in the Universal Exhibition in Paris; and through the presentation of his monumental works, namely the Slav Epic, which develops a vision of Slav history as a pacifist model for the world that resonates today more than ever. The exhibition also focuses on his permanent influence, from the pacifist “Flower Power” movement of the sixties to Japanese manga, superheroes, street artists and even tattoo art.