Le Pater (4 works)

Le Pater (1899)

Le Pater is an illustrated edition of The Lord’s Prayer created by Mucha. Published in Paris on 20 December 1899, it was meant to be Mucha’s message to future generations about the progress of mankind. Through the archetypal Christian prayer, he wished to present the way for man to reach the Divine Ideal, the highest state in the spiritual world.

Here Mucha analysed each of the seven verses in a set of three pages (each printed on one side of a leaf). The first of each set in colour shows an original verse in Latin and French, framed in a border sumptuously decorated with flowers and a symbolic female figure. The second, also in colour, is Mucha’s own text interpreting the verse with initial letter and floral decoration. The third monochromatic page, printed in photogravure, contains a full-page allegorical drawing, which depicts his philosophical response to the verse.

Throughout the pages, Mucha’s designs feature an abundance of Masonic symbols.